Who We Are
We bring to bear our experience and expertise in developing luxury and state-of-the-art properties to provide sustainable & cost-effective solutions.

Our Drive

Our yearning to create places of supreme quality for our esteemed demographic stays undiminished. In reality this yearning has impelled us on to enhance our operations by fusing various backups to deliver corresponding products/administrations to bolster our center business and to empower us control the nature of the information sources we utilize.


Founded in August 2015, Eastern House Development Nigeria an active player in the fast growing African Real Estate sector. We provide comprehensive real estate services with exceptional competence that assures the realization of clients’ investment goals. Our clientele therefore cuts across corporate, individual and governmental entities; helping them enhance their profit profile, attain their individual aspirations or personal prestige and their other legitimate investment objectives. Our strong presence combined with a profound knowledge of the property market in Nigeria enables us to identify development opportunities that fit into our development and investment profile by leveraging on the experience garnered over the years in the service delivery chain.

What We Stand For

The developments we conceptualize are driven by the desire to enrich the quality of people’s living, working and leisure environments. We are involved in the development and management of fundamental structures to finishing touches and the delivery of single family houses to large commercial housing solutions. We pride ourselves in the real estate sector with focus on provision of comfortable, healthy, durable, affordable and safe housing. We help our clients to think, design, and manage the construction of their dream homes. This service guarantees timely delivery, and warranties are provided on defect and we operate a semi-fixed cost building extract which is subject to revision only if need be.
We focus on building aesthetically and structurally remarkable projects. 
We aim to make Housing and Real Estate products a reality for the average Nigerian.

Our Core Values

A balanced fusion of consistent pursuit for quality and on-time delivery, sensitivity towards customer needs has enabled Eastern House Development to attain and sustain a respectable position in the real estate industry. Proven track record of customer delight through completing projects within the stipulated time, adhering to all quality requirements is an insignia of Eastern House Nigeria.


We believe in absolute and uncompromising integrity, which is a foundation for trust, communication and living-up to commitment.


We task ourselves with greater focus on the environment that business must always operate within the interests of the society.


Irrespective of hierarchy, we aim for a common goal. Our professional differences are resolved by logical discussion and mutual consent.


We are committed to the highest standard of professionalism. We are determined to deliver top-notch performance with seamless processes.

Our Mission

  • To deliver top-notched quality structures without cutting-corners using latest technology and appropriate resources.

  • To work assiduously and collectively as one indivisible entity for the realization of set goals.

  • To deliver environmental safe and friendly atmosphere to all planned projects with a view of making the built environment a better place for all.
  • Our Vision

    To be a trusted leader in the real estate sector contributing towards a progressive Nigeria to build class-apart structures in excellent locations and also to be a dynamic and innovative Real Estate company.